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1st Year Tax Preparer Looking for a couple months of work before opening biz

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Message Board 1st Year Tax Preparer Looking for a couple months of work before opening biz

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    Vanessa Hickerson

    Hi there! My name is Vanessa Hickerson and I was born and raised in Anaheim. I have a special love affair for California as my experience across the country has been less than familiar to me. I appreciate professional and fast-paced customer service environments. Can I please work for you for two to three months? I just got my own office! I’m only going to do 1040 for my first year! I have experience working for a CPA in Huntington Beach, a tax preparer in Kalispell, Montana and another CPA here in Honesdale, Pennsylvania where I live now. I don’t put any of those places on my resume. I believe that they are not deserving of free advertising. Also, I believe in who I am more than looking good on a resume.

    Class of 2019, Associate in Applied Science Accounting, Northampton Community College

    LinkedIn: vanessahickerson

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    Vanessa Hickerson

    Why would I say or even admit that I don’t think my previous employers are deserving to be listed on my resume? Why would I have a bad reputation on purpose?

    In Montana, the tax preparer told me that I was “the most competent person to ever walk through [her] doors.” When she asked me to add up my hours for the week, I calculated in my head for a second and said 40. She goes, “Can you please add your hours and use a calculator.” I guess counting to 40 is something that humans can’t do? So, I went and got a calculator and said, “40.”

    I know this message board is for tax questions. I’m not trying to break any rules by posting my interest to work for you. Please delete my message if it’s unacceptable.

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    Lynn Freer

    We have a job board where you can post. But most of the companies are in CA so not sure about how much it would help. You might check with NAEA or the PA EA organization to post a job ad. I know many people are looking for help during tax season

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    Vanessa Hickerson

    Thank you! Sorry! I appreciate your note and direction! Give Anaheim a hug for me!