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2017 tax filings on 2018 form?!

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Message Board 2017 tax filings on 2018 form?!

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    We recently acquired a new client who we are set to prepare 2018 TR’s for. on the 1040 from 2017, I noticed that the 10540 form says 2018 on it and also takes into account QBI and doesnt take into account personal exemptions. The return was prepared by the old CPA on 6/2018 so it was definitely not a 2018 TR…but the form says it on there….is this anything to be concerned about or just disregard it? Im thinking it may impact their taxes because they filed on 2018 forms, not 2017. Should I file an amendment? Their tax would increase if I did.

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    Sandy Weiner

    I would file an amended return.