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    Corinne Myre

    Has anyone been having trouble getting transcripts from the TDS online service?  We are registered and have downloaded the app.  We have no problem getting our code for multi-method identification. Up until  4-6 weeks ago it was working fine.  Now we get 'caf check failed' on all our requests even though we have confirmation that we sent the POA.  I've also called the Practioner Hotline and in most cases they can see the POA but have no idea why it doesn't show through the TDS service.  Calling the TDS Service isn't much help.  I don't think they understand their own system.  One told me it was because the name on the tax return and POA wasn't identical to the one the IRS has in its records, which comes from the SS4.  We filed a few POAs with the correct name, or at least matching the SS4 and they haven't had time to process. Help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!