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501(c)(3) Question re Multi State Payroll

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Message Board 501(c)(3) Question re Multi State Payroll

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      Bill Robi

      Arkansas 501(c)(3) has previously had no affiliation with CA.  They have received legal advise that they should treat a worker doing Zoom “conductor” presentations from his CA residence as a CA employee for workers comp, CA state withholding, etc.  Other than this CA employee, they do not perform any performances (it is an orchestra) in CA, nor do they fundraise in CA.

      They will file payroll tax returns with the EDD.  Their question is, will they be considered a CA organization, for the purposes of any tax filings with the FTB, and the need to possibly register with the CA attorney general’s office, etc.

      Any thoughts are appreciated. Thank you

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      Diane White

      Based on the information provided, the employer is required to obtain workers comp. Absent fundraising or any other business dealings in CA it does not appear the 501(c)3 is “doing business” in CA that would require them to register with the Attorney General.

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