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CA Premium Assistance Subsidy repayment

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      Tamara Figlar

      Is it correct for Form 3849 to include an amount on line 11d, Annual federal PTC amount, if there was NOT a federal PTC or advanced PTC amounts?

      There is not a Form 8962 generating in the return because income is below 100% of federal poverty amount, so they are not entitled to a credit.  The California Form 3849 is including the amount calculated on Worksheet 4 and 5 in the instructions.

      By including the amount of federal PTC, which was not received, is requiring a repayment of the entire California Premium Assistance Subsidy. This does not seem correct.

      Any input would be appreciated.

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      Sandy Weiner

      Tamara, I’m not sure about this.  If their income was below 100% of the federal poverty level they might have been eligible for Medi-Cal.  I’m wondering if that is playing into the calculation somehow.  But there are repayment limits in CA.  If their income is below 200% of the federal poverty level their California premium assistance repayment is capped at $300 for single taxpayer ($600 for all others).

Viewing 1 reply thread