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Ca SoS number ??

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    New LLC based in Fl who didnt know they have a CA filing requirement has no CA SoS number. How do I efile their LLC return without the SoS number? Do they need to apply for one

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    Sandy Weiner

    From Par. 24-405 in our CA A&E book:

    A foreign LLC that has not received a California identification number can e-file their return.

    The LLC can simply provide an explanation in lieu of a number, such as “Applied for” or “Foreign Non-U.S.” The FTB will assign a foreign LLC that has not registered with the SOS a California ID number after it files an initial return. To find out if a number has been assigned, contact the FTB at:

    Telephone: (800) 852-5711 • (916) 845-6500 (outside U.S.)