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California Taxation of Temporary Remote Employees

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Message Board California Taxation of Temporary Remote Employees

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      I read that several states have provided guidance with regard to whether or not employees working remotely in a state during the pandemic for an out-of-state employer would create nexus.  I haven’t been able to find any guidance for California.  Has there been any issued?

      We have a client who works in Washington for Amazon but he is here in California only temporary due to the pandemic.  Since Seattle was hit hard, he decided to stay with family in California.  He may be here as long as October and is concerned with potential California tax issues on his wages.

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      Diane White

      He will owe CA tax on wages earned in CA and be subject to CA income tax return filings.

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      William Dewberry

      It will depend on how amazon treats his wages, if he is an employee. If amazon never treats him as a Ca employee, he will not owe file ca tax return. In theory if he is working here yes, he is subject to Ca taxation; in actuallity if amazon keeps his wages as Washington wages, no issue

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