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    Client dissolved his solely-owned C Corp, in which his stock basis was $1,000. Upon dissolution, the corp was left owing him $22,000. Is the capital loss on his personal tax return $1,000 or $23,000?

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    Library Library

    It’s quite possible that at least the 1K stock loss qualifies as an ordinary loss under IRC Section 1244.  It’s likely that the 22K debt loss remains as a capital loss.

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    William Dewberry

    Non business bad debt ST capital loss $ 22,000; Option is business bad debt which is ordinary loss, tough one to prove though.

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    Library Library

    For a business bad debt, there are other steps to take in order to prove collection efforts and the timing when the debt became uncollectible.  I wouldn’t think this is a viable alternative for a shareholder loan to their 1oo% owned corporation.



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    Thank you!