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Change payment schedule for already e-filed tax returns

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Message Board Change payment schedule for already e-filed tax returns

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      Larry Pon

      For those who have already e-Filed their 2019 tax return, with a balance due scheduled to be withdrawn from their bank account on 4/15/20, taxpayers are advised to cancel e-file payment currently due by calling the US Treasury Financial Agent at 1-888-353-4537.

      Then go to and reschedule a payment for 07/15/2020

      This also applies for clients who have already scheduled their estimated payments for 4/15 and 6/15.

      I personally have not tried this.

      If anyone does this, please let us know how long it took and whether it was very difficult.

      I am not volunteering to do this.  If they insist, I told them I will charge them for the time it takes to do this.   That cost will outweigh any interest they will make by delaying the payment.

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      Cristina Park

      Hi Larry,

      I have had to use this number in the past when a client’s bank account was compromised and we needed to cancel his estimated payments that were set up when we transmitted the return.  It was relatively quick and painless.  The IRS personnel that man this service prefer it when the tax pros make the call because we generally have all of the necessary information and the process can be done quickly.

      I am sure it will not be as easy right now with many tax pros and taxpayers making those requests.

      BTW, FTB has a similar service that was also fairly easy and quick.

      I have also not volunteered to do this (it would take up a lot of time) but told clients I would charge my normal hourly fee for the time.  I offered them the phone number and they can decide to do it themselves if they wish.


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      Larry Pon

      What is the number for the FTB?

      I’ve done this through the Practitioner Hotline when the client clicks on the wrong year and we need to move the payments.   Very time consuming process and tough to get clients to appreciate our efforts.

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      Lynn Freer

      FTB is working on a process but don’t have it yet

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