E-file penalty related cases – February, 2019 Taxletter

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Message Board E-file penalty related cases – February, 2019 Taxletter

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    Helena Shepphird

    Our office experienced a “wrong Lacerte file submitted” and would like a chance to present our case to the OTA.  I am an enrolled agent.  How do I go about filing an appeal?  Can I do it or do we need an attorney?



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    Peter Muffoletto

    You are not required to have an attorney to represent the taxpayer matter. As an EA you can do so. Should you need assistance let me know.

    Pete Muffoletto, CPA


    818 346-2160


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    Sandy Weiner

    Helena, No you do not have to be an attorney and yes you can present the appeal at the OTA. Here’s the OTA publication on appeals. https://ota.ca.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/54/2019/03/OTA-Appeals-Procedures.rev1_.pdf

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    Helena Shepphird

    thanks very much.

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    Peter Muffoletto

    if you need assistance give John Faucher a call – his number is 818 889-8080.

    he has experience with the OTA. good tax attorney.