Employer moving expense reimbursement – how to fix & CA conformity

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Message Board Employer moving expense reimbursement – how to fix & CA conformity

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    Mark Bole

    An employer paid $5K moving expense (into CA) for a new employee in 2018 but excluded it from employee compensation.  This is now taxable compensation to the employee under TCJA, so 2018 W-2 and one Form 941 will have to be amended/corrected? And the employer will deduct the $5K as employee compensation expense.

    The Spidell Tax Update for TY2018 mentions one sentence about how for CA payroll taxes the moving expense is still taxed.  But for income tax purposes, it is still excluded?

    So confirming, the employee’s 2018 W-2c will reflect no change to state wage income, but will show a $5K increase to SDI taxable income?  And a DE-9/DE-9C amended will have to be filed for the quarter affected?

    Employer plans to gross up a reimbursement to the employee to cover the extra taxes.  This will be compensation expense and payroll tax expense for 2019, for the employer? (cash basis) And taxable income to the employee (fed and state).