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      Moine Ahamed

      For ERC credit what are tool IRS uses for verifying taxpayers Related individuals, e.g., previous year tax return.  Or anything else.

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      Sandy Weiner

      I’m not aware of any special tools, other than their standard audit tools.

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      Edward Zollars

      As Sandy noted, right now nothing.  Tax Notes Federal reported a couple of weeks ago of an upper level IRS employee stating at a conference that the IRS would begin training for ERC examinations beginning next month, looking to roll out exam programs later this year once training is completed.  Training would begin with those supervising exams, then move to the agent level.

      My guess is that the IRS will do minimal verification to process the 941-X returns (since the whole point is economic relief) but then do a push on exams for after the fact verification.  How hard they will push remains to be seen.

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      A very reliable source told me that the IRS would be hacking into 23-And-Me to search for any living relatives of the business owner and their spouse.

      Also, we never landed on the moon.  The landing was filmed in the desert.  Which makes sense, because the moon is not real.


Viewing 3 reply threads