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File a mess on time …

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      I’ve got a couple messes that won’t get done by midnight. (The bookkeeper thinks he can deliver a P&L soon. It isnt likely.)

      Should I file a mess on time or an amended clean return?

      There will be significant taxable income. So penalties for late filing will be large.

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      Mark Bole

      “Should I file a mess on time or an amended clean return?”

      Wouldn’t you first have to file the mess, in order to later file an accurate amended return?

      Also, if payment has been made timely, would there really be any penalties for late filing?

      I didn’t want to add to your stress by replying yesterday, but now I can point out, it is for making decisions like this that you are paid the big bucks (and if this client isn’t paying you big bucks, you might want to re-visit your billing and engagement practices).

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      Thank you.

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