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Finding help for very specific disparate tax prep work

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Message Board Finding help for very specific disparate tax prep work

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      I’ve been doing my own taxes for ~10 years and have learned a lot about very specific topics pertaining to my situation. Now however it seems my situation has become too complex to confidently handle it myself, so I’m searching for professional help – a full-service firm (I imagine) with expertise in a few highly specific areas.

      Problem is, I don’t know how to go about find help. For example, I need

      • Some work to be done re. crypto taxes, but I’ve done all the work I could do myself already, and have become somewhat of an lay expert on the topic (two tax attorneys told me I had informed them of stuff they didn’t know about). But I may need an affidavit written or such. Just not the regular “crypto tax prep”, because I’ve done 90% of that.
      • Amend a return and carry back net Section 1256 loss from one year to the previous. Couldn’t figure out how to do that in TurboTax. One crypto tax attorney I spoke with had no idea what Section 1256 was.
      • Medical deductions – I had a very expensive elective procedure that did also fix a congenital issue, and the costs included physical therapy, and lodging potentially deductible per Pub 502. How can I ensure that is deductible?

      I might have a question about FEIE and avoiding California tax too, but this is already too diverse. How do I go abut this? Hire separate individuals to do parts of my returns? One big firm and hope for the best? I couldn’t even find a decent way/directory/site to search for keywords in areas of expertise. Avvo doesn’t have any filtering beyond “tax”, Thervo had some folks reply to my project with completely generic boilerplate etc.

      What am I doing wrong?

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      Mark Bole

      Maybe you will get some inquiries from this post, although generally that is not the typical usage of this forum.  My main suggestion is that you will get the best result if you are willing to establish an ongoing relationship; just helping you for one year and nothing more will be less appealing to many tax professionals.  After Oct 15, why not make a few appointments, bring in your last year or two of tax returns, and see what they say?

      CSEA (Calif. Soc. of Enrolled Agents) has a tax pro finder link that allows you to select for some particular areas of expertise, but it’s only as good as what the individuals have entered into their profile.

      Here are a few other comments that may or may not help you.

      “Hire separate individuals to do parts of my returns?” 

      I definitely would not try to do that, since the “responsible preparer” must sign the return and having multiple preparers at different firms working independently just won’t work.  Let the firm you hire sub-contract it out if necessary, I have done that before for my clients.

      “I might have a question about FEIE and avoiding California tax too”

      You may already know, but in general California does not honor federal tax treaties or have any FEIE/credit.



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