How to efile tiered CA multi member LLC

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Message Board How to efile tiered CA multi member LLC

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    Leonard Raphael

    Parent CA multimember LLC owns 100% of two CA LLC’s which own some CA rental properties. Those single member LLC’s paid their Ca min tax plus their CA LLC fee’s.

    Parent LLC files 1065 and C 568, reports all the income and expenses of the properties held by its two single member LLC’s. Parent wants to reduce it’s 568 page 1, line 1 gross revenue by the revenue already taxed by CA on the single member Forms 568.

    Have tried efilng the parent using 3 different major tax software vendors (UT, Go System, ProFx) by overriding the page 1 line 1 amount to be correct and all of them reject at the software vendor site level the 568 before even sending to the CA FTB. Rejected because the page 1 doesn’t agree with the LLC worksheet. Then if you try to put a negative adjustment number on the worksheet, there’s a vendor reject code that CA won’t accept negative numbers on the worksheet. All three vendors said you have to paper file.

    Anyone succeed with efiling the parent LLC of singlem member CA LLC’s?

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    Lynn Freer

    I”m not sure why it isn’t accepted. The Schedule IW instructions say Do not enter amounts on this worksheet that have already been reported by another LLC to determine its fee. Have you talked to your software provider?

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    Leonard Raphael

    I stated that in my post: ProFx, UltraTax, and Go System.

    All those vendors perform error check before submitting to the State to make sure the sum of the schedules gross income equals the number on the IW. But there’s no line on the IW which the software vendors will allow a negative number to be input.