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If Fed MFS can CA MFJt?

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Message Board If Fed MFS can CA MFJt?

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    Linda M Bell

    I have a client that used Turbo Tax to file 2013 MFJt return. The CA went thru but the 1040 never did. Now they are divorced. Spouse has not been paying his agreed upon part of other years balance due. The ex wife doesn’t want to now file a joint federal return because it has a $4000+ liability (plus late file penalties & interest) and she doesn’t want to end up liable for the whole thing (due to his lack of payments).

    Question: Can she file a MFS federal return? What would she do about CA, if anything?

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    Sandy Weiner

    She can file a federal MFS return for 2013, but would need to file an amended CA return within 6 months to show any adjustments.