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IRS – First notice is a collection notice

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      Edward Riback

      Has anyone had clients whose first notice from the IRS is a collection notice.     I have two clients who have received 2017 collection notices form the IRS.     Neither received “soft notices”,  computer matching notices or an opportunity to respond to  reporting differences.

      In both cases, from what I can surmise, the IRS is incorrect.    If the problem is what I suspect, supporting information can be provided.

      The IRS phone tree results in a circular automatic process, with at the end,  a message to call back later.    While I have written the IRS I have read some comments that they are not opening mail.    None the less it appears the matter is in collections and I am concerned it may not be able to be resolved administratively.

      Anyone else experienced this?


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      Diane White

      I have not experienced any situation where the IRS failed to send the “soft notices”. What I have experienced is the IRS had an incorrect address for the taxpayer somewhere in their system. Notices are automatically generated with the last “known” address. It is possible that once the accounts hit collections, a different department, their addresses were correct.

      The IRS is beginning to process mail however under limited circumstances.

Viewing 1 reply thread