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      Claudia Freitas

      Are these something IRS are sending out recently?  This particular client still has the same address.  Owners changed many years ago.

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      Lynn Freer

      Yes Checkout our podcast

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      Can you direct me to the date of podcast you are referencing?  I scanned the podcast and didn’t see anything based on titles.

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      Lynn Freer

      October 21 under California minute. There are also a number of other posts with explanations

      • #317374
        Mary Colby

        I don’t see an Oct 21 podcast/CA minute discussion as noted above on this topic; nor can I find any info on the Spidell Website regarding this. Would you please attach a link for us to look at. Thank you.

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      Mark Bole

      There is no Oct 21 podcast because that date is in the future.  Here is the link to all the podcasts:

      I think Lynn mistakenly thought you were asking about the letter that was the subject of the Oct 1st podcast.

      More information about the letter you are asking about is found at the IRS link below.

      My question is, what difference does it make if this is “something IRS [is]  sending out recently“?  Your client got one; just follow the instructions.

Viewing 4 reply threads