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Is she taxed in California?

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Message Board Is she taxed in California?

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      Scott Penn

      Client is a Boston resident who works for a California based company. Does she have to pay income taxes in California? She never sets foot in California.

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      Lynn Freer

      Not if she is an employee. Probably if she is an independent contractor, We will talk about how it works in our upcoming Federal and California Tax Update seminar/webinar

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      Andy Rosales

      Hi Lynn, I will be at the 12/10/19 Spidell tax update seminar but currently have a client with a similar issue. He is a fill-time resident of Austria and receives a 1099 from a California business for services he provides in Austria to customers in Austria. All his work is done as a resident of Austria. Could you point me in the right direction and provide references I can review to show his requirement to file a California tax return.

      Thank you,

      Andy Rosales, EA


Viewing 2 reply threads