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Lacerte issue with new SMLLC filing begin date?

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Message Board Lacerte issue with new SMLLC filing begin date?

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      We e-file CA SMLLC Form 568 from Lacerte individual module.  We have a new LLC registered in CA on 12/1/2018.  It was input correctly in Lacerte and paper Form 568 printed TYB 12/1/2018 and TYE 12/31/2018, but Lacerte e-file transmit TYB 1/1/2018.  It triggered late $800 payment penalty notice.  The CA business start date however was transmitted correctly, but the FTB said they go by the TYB and want us to write a letter saying we filed the 568 with a wrong TYB.  Is there an easier way to handle this with the FTB since it appears to be a Lacerte global issue?


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      Lynn Freer

      You might talk to LaCerte about correcting it or you could contact the FTB Taxpayer Advocate

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      Spoke to Lacerte, it’s their program defect but as of now they are not intending to fix it.  They said the initial SMLLC Form 568 should be e-filed from the partnership module or paper-file from the individual module.  I guess it’s a known problem for years.

      The FTB practitioner hotline wants a letter signed by the client to state that the tax year period was filed incorrectly.

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