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LLC changed to S Corp

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      If I convert from LLC to S Corp, should I file 8832 and 2553 together . As there is only one chance of conversion in 60 months, would IRS think that I am changing again if I do the two forms separately and disallow , or how does this work?

      If the planned effective date of the conversion is Jan 1 2021, then what is the earliest date I should file the form(s).

      On the CA side , I should do the CONV LLC-GS, is that correct?


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      David Ellis

      I have converted many LLCs to s corps simply by filing the 2553 …..the 8832 is used when converting LLC to a C Corp….as to date, check the instructions on the 2553 but I believe the earliest you can file is within 75 days for the year the electiion is to be effective.

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