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LLC sale of intangibles

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    A single member LLC (elected to be taxed as an S-Corp) is being sold.  Assets being sold consist of goodwill, covenant not to compete and customer list.  My understanding is that goodwill is considered capital gain and the sale of other intangibles would be taxed as ordinary income.  However, I am having a hard time finding specific guidance on this.

    Also, the member would like to sell as an installment sale.  Is that allowed in this type of situation and what would be the tax consequences?


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    Lynn Freer

    These intangibles include the following items:
    •Blue sky.
    •Customer list.
    •Workforce in place.
    •Industry and company know-how.
    •Relationships with clients.
    •Going concern value.

    The gain on the sale ofintangibles is capital gains income to the sellers.

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    Checkpoint Source:Practical Tax Strategies/Taxation for Accountants (WG&L)
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