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      Thomas Giannini

      I have a client who moved to the State of Washington in 2017 and she received a large payout in the form of deferred comp and stock options and this was not reported to California for 2017.  The FTB is now asking for all the documentation related to this transaction with the obvious intent of taxing this income for CA.  Does anyone know of a professional that could help them with residency issue?  I would be ever so grateful for a recommendation.  Thank you.

      Tom Giannini

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      Peter Muffoletto


      We are quite conversant with that issue which the FTB is quite aggressive regarding that issue. In fact I have written a number of articles on that very matter.

      Let me know if we can be of assistance.

      Peter S. Muffoletto, CPA

      Muffoletto & C0mpany

      818 346-2160





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