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Nonresident / part-year resident question

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    Client is single, lived in Calif all her life. Still owns a house in CA, which she started renting out a room & still lives in when she’s here visiting & still works here some.

    Bought a house in Texas to work. Only 18% of her wages were earned in CA, along with $2,000 as consultant here.

    She really moved to Texas, so she registered to vote there, got doctors, etc. & had her Homeowners exemption removed from CA house.

    It turns out she was in Calif 108 days. 208 days in Texas, the rest traveling.

    — Does she have a case to not pay Calif tax on her Texas earnings?

    — Do I report her as Part-year resident or Nonresident?

    Thank you very much for the help.

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    Lynn Freer

    She is still a resident as she still lives in part of her house part of the time. She has not abandoned her CA residency and domicile. To change residence/domicile you must abandon one domicile and establish another.