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      Taxpayer, a California resident, received a K-1 from a partnership that does business in a number of other states.  Included with the K-1 is a disclosure that the partnership filed a composite return in those other states and paid all taxes due.  It appears that the taxpayer has no filing requirement in the other states since the partnership filed and paid on his behalf.

      My understanding is that the taxpayer should still file California Schedule S and claim the other state tax credit on the income/taxes paid to the other state with the composite returns (even though the taxpayer is not actually filing in those states).

      Any thoughts on this?

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      Larry Pon

      You will get a credit on the CA return for taxes paid to the other states via the composite returns, except for Arizona, Oregon, and Virginia.   Report this on a separate Schedule S for each state.   You also deduct the state taxes paid on Schedule A of the 1040.

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      That’s what I thought.  Thanks for confirming.

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      Since the taxpayer is taking other state tax tax credits on Schedule S.  Question regarding the income reported on the California K-1, does the taxpayer, who is a California resident, pick up the income reported in Column D (Total amounts using California law) or Column E (California Source amounts) ?.

Viewing 3 reply threads