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PPP Loan – 26 weeks of payroll forgiven?

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Message Board PPP Loan – 26 weeks of payroll forgiven?

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      A client received the PPP loan on 4/16, so the covered period is 4/16 to 9/30. Their payroll runs bi-weekly and the payroll for PE 4/12 was paid on 4/17. Per  SBA Q&A’s I understand that we can count the PE 4/12 payroll for forgiveness because it was PAID after the funding date.  Another Q&A says that we can also count the payroll for PE 9/27 paid on 10/2 (which is after the covered period end date of 9/30)  because the payroll was INCURRED during the covered period and is paid on its normal pay schedule. So I end up with 26 weeks of payroll cost for forgiveness not 24 weeks.  Is this allowed? Or do I need to cap my payroll cost to a maximum of 24 weeks of payroll? thanks!

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      Lynn Freer

      I believe it’s capped at 24 weeks

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