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PPP Salary limitation

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      Bruce Zaer

      Salary limitation is $100,000 How is this calculate


      Salary 1st 3 months = 30,000

      This would equal 120,000 per year on a monthly basis;  for purposes of salary forgiveness, is it limited to $7,777 (100,000 – 30,000 /9) per month for the 3 month period and any excess would not be forgiven.

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      William Dewberry

      8 weeks over 52 weeks times 100,000 8/52 x 100,000 = 15,385 max per person for forgiveness

      This may change

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      Scott Penn

      I thought the $100,000 annual wage was for an owner of the company? Therefore, $100,000/52*8=$15,384.62, or if you wanted to stretch it, $100,000/12*2=$16,666.67.

      Does anyone have an opinion?

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      William Dewberry

      Applies to all employees, just as the 100,000 limit applied to all employees in the loan application; no 2/12 is not allowable, its specifically 8 weeks.

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      Lynn Freer

      You are correct it’s specifically 8/52 and in the current bill there is no mention of an increase above the $100k

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