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Roof costs eligible for solar credit

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    We have a client who installed solar on his primary residence in 2018. He replaced the entire roof on his home and believes that a portion of that roof replacement would qualify for the credit. Per the solar contractor, the roof had to be replaced in order to have solar panels installed on top of it. See below from the contractor. It seems that the IRS is not explicit in either allowing or disallowing the roof costs for the credit.

    “Our records show that you had a weathered slate roof, which solar cannot be installed on. This leads me to believe that in order to go solar, your roof had to be replaced.”



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    Larry Pon

    I’ve been hearing ads on the radio from the solar companies where you get a “free” roof when you buy solar panels from them.

    Check out the instructions to Form 5695 – it lists out in pretty good detail on what costs qualify or NOT qualify for the credit.

    Some parts of the roof may count, but not all of it.

    Watch out for the solar salesmen.