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slideshow from fed and cal tax update 2019/2020

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Message Board slideshow from fed and cal tax update 2019/2020

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      Robert Jassoy Jr.

      Following the instructions included in the course material to access the slides from the live presentation given at Del Mar, I’m unable to locate the slideshow. What am I doing wrong? Need help. Robert Jassoy, Jr

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      Austin Lewis

      The link in the seminar book doesn’t go directly to the slides, it goes to a PDF that contains links to each session’s individual slideshow. It’s set up this way so that if you want to see the corresponding slide for something in Part 3, for example, you don’t have to scroll past 200+ slides from the morning sessions before you find what you need.

      Click the blue links in that first PDF and you should be able to access the slides from each part. Note that the files you’re accessing are PDFs of the slides, not the actual PowerPoint files.

      If you’re still having trouble, you can click here to access the slides for Part 1. To access the other parts, just change the number at the end of the link.

      Austin Lewis
      Managing Editor, Spidell

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