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Social Security Benefits & CA SDI Relationship

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      Hi there,

      I have a Doctor who is 83 years old who recently became legally blind and is being forced to stop practicing due to his disability. The Doctor currently is already receiving Social Security Benefits. If my research is correct his Social Security Disability Insurance (Fed SSDI), since he is already over the retirement age, has automatically rolled into his Social Security Benefit amount. Is this the same for CA SDI or is it treated as a separate program? I’m trying to research the relationship between CA SDI and his Social Security Benefits he is already receiving.

      Any help on this subject would be appreciated!

      Thanks in advance!

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      Lynn Freer

      SDI is separate, but I don’t believe you can double dip if you have social security disability but I don’t know how it works if he is not on SSDI. If it’s just regular social security I think he can get both.

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      Mark Bole

      See  EDD pub DE 2548.  Disability Insurance (DI) is only good for up to 52 weeks.

      “DI is Not Social Security Disability Insurance
      Social Security Disability Insurance is a federal program providing benefits to individuals with long‑term disabilities and/or terminal conditions.
      DI is a component of a state program which provides short‑term benefits to individuals with disabilities.”

Viewing 2 reply threads