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Spidell's Flash Email: Retroactive Cal TCJA Election

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Message Board Spidell's Flash Email: Retroactive Cal TCJA Election

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    Theresa Walner

    Lynn Freer’s short video appears to indicate that taxpayers should do all three of the following three bullet points below.

    1) including a statement with their original or amended Cal tax return, for the appropriate year, stating the taxpayers’ intent to make the election under Section 16d1 ofAB 91
    2) writing “AB 91-Section 16 Election” in red ink on the top of each page of the original or amended return;OR
    3) Mailing all “AB 91-Section 16 Election” returns to a specific FTB address.

    However, the bullets are connected with an “or” rather than an “and” on the flash email text. The “or” makes it appear that taxpayers only have to complete 1 of the 3 bullets, while’s Ms Freer’s video indicates to do all three of these items.

    Can someone at Spidell’s:

    1. clarify where we can find the FTB’s procedures on the FTB site.
    2. Whether all 3 or just 1 of the bulleted items below is required.

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    Lynn Freer

    We are correcting the copy of the flash on our website and sending a new flash email late this afternoon with corrected information that we received from the FTB.

    The procedures are nowhere to be found on the FTB website as they were just provided to us and a few other education providers. You must do all three of the items and cannot efile the return.

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    Theresa Walner

    Lynn, thanks for the update. Would you also be able to provide a link to the FTB’s website for these procedures for the retroactive Cal TCJA election? Thank you.