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Trust 2019 FederalTax Balance Due Checks – IRS Letters

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      We have numerous trust clients who are receiving letters from the IRS regarding their 2019 balance due on return. The letters state they haven’t received the payment (some of these were paid with a check in April – still not cleared), others were waiting until 7/15 to pay. Due dates range from 6/10 to 6/22. Is anyone else having this issue?
      What do you propose for uncleared checks? Clients do not want to write another check (they normally do not owe trust taxes).
      Any comments greatly appreciated.

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      Diane White

      This has been a systemic problem as the IRS was not handling paper due to COVID-19. It is my understanding they are aware of the problem and have begun processing paper filings. I would encourage your clients to NOT send another check. You may want to respond to the letters with a copy of the check and proof of timely mailing.

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      Has anyone else experienced this more recently?  Or know if the backlog of paper filings/checks has been cleared?

      Our client filed two separate 2019 trust tax returns at the beginning of July.  The checks for the 2019 balances due have still not cleared as of 8/10.  Today they received notices from the IRS with penalty and interest for not paying the balance.

      I’m planning to call the IRS, but as you all know, the phone wait times are horrendous.

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      I have three separate trust returns that were filed in July and tax payments were made before the 7/15 due date. the checks have not cleared and we just received letters from the IRS for each trust assessing tax penalty and interest with respect to the tax payments that were already made. any suggestions on how to proceed? I told my clients to wait 30 days to see if the IRS can get their act together.

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