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Trust Return Late Filing, Amending 1040

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Message Board Trust Return Late Filing, Amending 1040

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    Samy Basta


    A client who is a trustee / beneficiary of a revocable trust didn’t file trust returns since the death of the grantor in 2012.   The trust was funded with one rental property.  So, I need to go back and file 1041 beginning of 2012. As a result, the client needs to amend his 1040 for all those years to report the K-1.

    Is there a way to report the K-1 income without amending the trustee’s personal returns? My biggest concern is a potential audit for understatement of income when 6 years are amended all at one time.


    Samy b.

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    William Dewberry

    If you choose so, file the 1041 as a complex trust.

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    Samy Basta

    Got it, thank you!  sb.