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    Linda M Bell

    We are trying to close up a 2 year old estate. Need this final answer…

    An attorney and I have different answers as to what an executor of a probated estate and also a trustee of the balance of the estate should be paid. From what I researched there are options but not sure what applies to executor or trustee. (My client was disinherited yet made trustee of this messy estate so wants to know what she can get out of it. Mom didn’t get all her properties in the trust thus we went thru Oregon & Ca probates) Probated Value $1,685,000. Trust value at DOD $1,538,000. =$3,223,000.

    There is the statutory fees 4% on $100,000, 3% on $100,000, 2% on $800,000, 1% next 9 mil

    There’s 1% per year of the value of the estate per year.

    Actual hours worked but at what rate per hour?

    Or Other options???  Also, is there a site I can reference?

    Thank you

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    Lynn Freer

    I’m sorry we don’t have any information on fees. I believe there are extraordinary fees that can be added but that’s all I know. If you disagree with the attorney you might try getting another opinion. That’s awful for the trustee. She should have declined to serve.

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    Diane Herman

    LOL…I am Trustee of a clients trust and I have no clue what to charge.

    It just says reasonable compensation…Blended family and one property did not make it into the trust!@#