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UPDATED: estimated tax payments in a divorce

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Message Board UPDATED: estimated tax payments in a divorce

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    Hello, I took your divorce CPE and had the following question as my client got a divorce in 2018. They made estimated tax payments and the forensic accountant gave me the division of estimated tax payments and k-1 income allocation based on their divorce agreement. Both spouses have agreed on the division. My question is for both federal and state, should i just put in what each spouses allocation is on the tax form? they are both filing single (one may file HoH but not sure yet), how do i put in the old spouses name so that the IRS and FTB dont get confused when they see different payment amounts? Am I suppose to attach a letter to the tax return? In addition, am I suppose to mail something in to the FTB per the CPE i took informing them of the allocation? I saw this in the CPE…so just clarifying as I am confused:

    If a taxpayer claims any of the payments on his or her tax return, enter the spouse’s or former spouse’s Social Security number in the space provided on the front of Form 1040 or Form 1040A. Do this even if the taxpayer is not filing married filing separate

    Also, when they are filing single, in Lacerte, I cannot override the spouse SSN area as it doesnt let me put in the old spouses SSN  on a single filing status…please dont tell me i need to paper file!!

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    Lynn Freer

    I would put what each spouse is claiming and attach a statement showing the allocation. It is probably best to paper file these returns and note on the return itself where the ES may not match up. No matter what, for the ES, the IRS and probably the FTB won’t understand what you’re saying and you’ll have to follow up