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Why would the FTB place a lien on bank accounts when they are already garnishing wages?

October 06, 2016 • Chris Muro • Log In to Post Comments


The cal FTB is ridiculous
I received a notice saying i owed a whopping $400 from 2008 supposedly.  I tried calling the FTB immediately and was literally either disconnected or placed in a queue for HOURS and was never able to reach someone.
The notice said they would be attaching my wages.  The amount ammounted to only 2 garnishments so i just said screw it, ill let them take their money and be done with it. 
So last paycheck they took their first garnishment of around $300.  Today i look at my bank accounts and they levied FOUR of them.  These were all accounts with nominal amounts in them (around $20).  The only reason i even have them is because i have loans (autos, home) and they required a checking account to open them.  The problem is each bank charged a $75 or more fee for these $20 levies.  

Why would the FTB go through all of this for what amounted to less than $100?  They were already getting their money!


The gov't will use any method to collect the money. You could go into one of their offices or you might want to hire a tax professional to assist you.

I owe less than $400, would probably cost more to hire someone.  Im just curious as why they would go through the trouble of levying 4 bank accounts for such a small amount of money, while they were already being paid off, with only 2 weeks to go until they were fully paid off


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