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My FTB and POA

October 07, 2016 • John DePasquale • Log In to Post Comments

I keep getting e-mails from the FTB stating that one of my clients received a notice.

When I log into MY FTB there are never any notices.  I called the Tax. Prac. hotline several times and they said they need to link the POAs to My FTB account.  As I said I have called several times to no avail.  I spoke to someone in online services and they said I need to add the client in MYFTB.  I told her it is a catch 22 since I don't know which client it is.  If they sent me an e-mail then they should know what client it is not me!

I tried to guess on which client I think it is but they haven't filed a return in several years so when I try to add them as a client in my FTB I can't because it asks for taxable income in 2011,2012, 2013 etc They haven't filed in 10 years....



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