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Single member LLC becomes double member LLC

October 19, 2016 • Anonymous • Log In to Post Comments

Single Member LLC was a single member LLC from 1/1/16-8/29/16.

On 8/30/16, a new member was added. The employer id number did not change.

Do we file one Form 568 for 2016?




yes you file a 568 for the single member LLC period and pay the $800 plus any fee for the short period. Then you flle a second 568 for the multi member period and pay the $800 and the fee for that period.

Thanks-can you efile both the short period single member LLC CA return and also efile the mult- member period return?

Good question. I would guess not as the LLC number can't be used twice. I would paper file

Thanks so much for your prompt reply. They used Legalzoom to file the LLC-12 to add the new member. The Form LLC-12 is dated 8/30/16 by Legalzoom. Does that mean the short period is 1/1/16-8/30/16? In other words, how do I know what date range to use for the single-member llc return?


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