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C-Corp NOL Carryback to closed 2011 Year

October 19, 2016 • Robert Houston • Log In to Post Comments

Based upon Lynn's Taxletter 36.2, California has not conformed with federal's rules as to statute of limitation for NOL carryback years.  So, at this late date, it seems that I cannot file a 2011 amended Form 100 to carry a 2013 NOL back to 2011.  2013 and 2012 are open; 2011 is closed (statute expired 9/15/16).  Can I carry the 2013 NOL back to 2012 without adjustment for the portion of the loss that would have been used in 2011, had the statute been open?   Or am I missing something all together?  


Yes you may carry back the loss as long as the statute for the loss year is open.


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