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CA NOL Carryback

November 07, 2016 • Bill McDermott • Log In to Post Comments

What is latest date that an NOL carryback can be claimed on a CA return?  If 2015 is the loss year, we must carryback to 2013.  Assuming that the returns are for an indvidual, is the final date 4 years from the filing of the 2015 tax return (ie. the loss year) or 4 years from the filing of the 2013 tax return (ie. the carryback year).  Federal law is clear that we have 3 years from the date of filing the loss year tax return (2015 return).  But my research indicatess CA is not the same.  


It is 4 years from the 2013 due date or one year from date of payment on the 2013 year - later of.


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