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Deferrals by working employee to German 401K

December 07, 2016 • Anonymous • Log In to Post Comments

1) Employee works for a German employer.

2) Employee defers $10K of his $100K salary into a German 401K retirement plan. Employee reports taxable wages of $90K. Both the US and Germany respect the salary deferrals and tax only the  $90K.

3) Does CA tax the $100K gross wages or does CA tax the $90K? In other words, does CA treat the salary deferrals like it would treat deferrals to a qualifed US plan?


No, California does not recognize the deferrals.  See this recent discussion on this subject:

Thanks-what line on the CA 540-NR would you so the addition of the deferrals to wages?

In this cse I'd say, enter as an addition on line 21.

Thanks so much!


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