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IRS Revalidate your e-services idendity notice

December 14, 2016 • Joe Winchell • Log In to Post Comments

Received letter 5903 from IRS requiring me to revalidate my e-services account info.  Tells me to log into


Is this for real?  I have accessed my e-services account today with no problem.


thank you.


Go to the site, click on tax preparer tab.  I got a letter also and now realize it is valid.

Letter 5903 is a valid notice from IRS requiring users of e-services to revalidate their identity.  E-services users will have 30 days after the letter date to revalidate (confirm) their identiry.  If users do not revalidate their identity, their e-services account will be suspended.  The confirmation process can be done by registering for "Get Transcripts Online" or calling the phone number in the notice.  Either method will require users to answer a series of identity-proofing questions.  The "Get Transcripts" method will require users to have some personally identifiable information, an e-mail address and a text-enabled cell phone to recieve a text message with a code to be entered online.


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