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Amended Form 706 and portability amount

December 20, 2016 • Teresa Crivello • Log In to Post Comments

I have prepared a Form 706 for purposes of making the portability election. 

However, I will need  to amend the Form 706 and therefore the portability amount will change.

Does the IRS allow for amendments to the portability amount?

I subscribed to the webinar "New Estate Basis Reporting Rules & Portability Update' but I did not see any mention of the IRS allowing for amending the original election.

Can this be done?

Thank you,

Teresa Crivello



Only the election is irrevocable and must be made on the timely filed original return.  The amount of the unused exclusion is a function of the return that would change with amendments, so if you amend the 706 by filing a supplemental 706 you could not modify your election but you would have to modify the amount of your DSUE if it has changed.  Sorry this wasn't clarified in the webinar.


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