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CA minimum wage increase for seasonal employers.

January 18, 2017 • Frank Mooney • Log In to Post Comments

What happens to the CA employers' minimum wage obligation when its number of employees increases from less than 26 in the off season to more than 26 employees in the peak season.  Does the employer have to increase its minimum wage rate from $10 hr to $10.50 hr for all employees during the peak season?  Can the employer then reduce the minimum wage rate paid back down to $10 when its number of employees is again reduced to below 26 in the off season?  These numbers all pertain to 2017 fiscal year.  The concept pertains to all years to come until the wage rate for the small empoloyer becomes the same as the wage rate for the employer of more than 26 employees in 2023.


It appears that is the case. The state law is based on the payroll date so you can move it up and down when the employee count changes. If you have a city or county higher rate, you need to look at what those rules are. Some have a specific date you use for the year.


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