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mis-match SSN

January 24, 2017 • JLP • Log In to Post Comments

Schwab has been issuing 1099s to my client's SSN however the client no longer has a Schwab account (for 10+ years now) however Schwab has been using my client's SSN on 1099s filed for a different taxpayer with a similar but not exactly the same name.  so schwab used the wrong customer's SSN on the 1099s.  (i.e. Mary Smith's SSN on Betty Smith's 1099)

what is the best avenue to correct this?

tax practitioner hotline?

taxpayer advocate office?

Thank you.



First you need to get the problem fixed with Schwab and then get a corrected 1099 if possible. I would ask Schwab for a letter stating that the 1099 is incorrect. In the meantime, contact the FTB and explain the problem. I would assume the IRS will send a CP 2000


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