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New Form 7004

January 25, 2017 • Thomas Harnett • Log In to Post Comments

Does anyone know if or when the IRS will be publishing a new form 7004 to reflect the changes for 

first extension due dates??


It was revised Dec 2016

When I go to the IRS.GOV site and look for the form - it says revised Dec 2016  but when I click on it I just get  the old form Revised Dec 2012.   Something wrong with their link or something.   If anyone can send me a pdf of the new form or tell me where I can find a copy I sure would appreciate it.   Thanks

I agree that the IRS website currently shows the 2012 version. You can find the new version on the IRS draft forms website. Google "IRS draft forms" and you will find their website for draft forms.


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