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Texas LLC re filing form 568 CA resident

January 25, 2017 • Marco Ahtirski • Log In to Post Comments

In your prior answer from 1/7/2017 you stated that he has to file form 568 and pay the $ 800.00 tax to CA. if he remains a CA resident. What ID # would he put on the 568? His SSN and name as on his 1040.  Since he did not register with SOS in CA. The  Texas LLC was started in late 2016 assuming he has to pay the $800.00 with the return he files for 2016 or pay with the extension form 3537 LLC and what name would he put on the extension form his name and SSN or the Texas LLC name and address. How will the FTB match his payment with the extension if we file an extension for his personal for 2016.

Thank you




Put the LLC name on the 568 and use the TX address. If there is a FEIN, enter that. The FTB will assign a number and you will use that number in the future. You will likely have to contact the FTB to get the payment posted to the account if you make a payment prior to filing and getting your number. (I believe it takes about 3 weeks.)


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