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IRS Letter 5263C??

January 26, 2017 • John Boyd • Log In to Post Comments

Has anyone seen these?  We've had two separate clients receive them and I'm not convinced they're legit.  They are asking the the taxpayer confirm they are the "responsible party" - one for a corporation, one for a trust.  It further asks for their name, address, SSN etc.  The phone number listed is a voicemail box, reqesting that the caller leave a message.  ????


Here's the IRS page where you can find copies of letters is;

I checked and it wasn't listed but I have heard the site is not always up to date. I would suggest you search for the address on the IRS website.

Hi John,

Did you fiind out if the letter is legit and why it was sent?  Our corporation received same letter and it seems odd.  I too called the number on the letter and got a voicemal box that seemed very unprofessional.





My client got one today, too. Addressed to corporation. Then "Dear Taxpayer", you may be the responsible party for corporation.No person's name is mentioned.The phone number does go to a voicemail box. The voice sounded like the IRS recording lady's voice. It would not accept a message due to system difficulties.


I followed up on this by calling the IRS practitioner hotline and the letter my client received was legitimate.  That doesn’t mean what you’ve received is, you need to do your own due diligence.  In our case the corporation elected S status and we had a refund due from a prior year when we were a C Corp and the IRS thought it strange an S Corp was asking for a refund.

Thanks for th info.


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