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Preparer & filing client 1099s for CA client with non-resident payees

January 26, 2017 • renee azrieli • Log In to Post Comments

(1)  As preparer of 1099s for CA clients, if we know client has paid fees for services to professional non-resident CA, are we obligated to complete the State income box and State name on the 1099?  If so, are we obligated to complete the box on paper filed 1099s, electronic filed 1099s, or both?  And, if we are required to complete that/those boxes, are we required to file the 1099s with the state of CA if filing electronically and/or paper?

(2)  Same question as above except if the payment to non-resident CA person was for a settlement reportable in box 3 and not services, are the answers the same?

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