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Drivers License Info Requirement (Proseries)

January 27, 2017 • Lacy Italiano • Log In to Post Comments

Good Morning,

While preparing my first return in Proseries yesterday, I became aware of the fact that Proseries generates a diagnostic for e-filing if you do not either enter in the DL info OR check a box that says "Taxpayer - No Drivers License ID or State ID".   If we check this box do we run the risk of getting into trouble because we are telling the authorities that the TP does not have a DL or are we checking the box to say we did not verify the TP's DL?

I attended the San Diego seminar on Monday and remember them saying it was not yet an IRS requirement, I realize it could be mandatory in some states.  Is California one of those states?  I know it could speed up refund processing and we are taking that into consideration for some clients however, there are quite a few returning clients that may resist giving this information intitally.  Is it worth sending out several hundred notifications right now OR can we get the ones we can this year and work on the remaining next year?

Anyone have insight or ideas?

Thank you!


It is recommended but not mandatory to enter the DL in CA.


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